About Big Kid Circus

Kiril and Billi set up Big Kid Circus in 2005, and admit that running their own “Big Top” production has been the biggest challenge of their lives! By a strange twist of fate, Kiril and Billi met while one was running away from the circus and the other was running away to the circus. As a couple, Billi and Kiril are from very different backgrounds, but have proved to be a winning combination. Kiril was born in the circus, his father was an artist who starred in Ringlings Circus in the USA, and was a circus Owner himself. Having lived in the circus, but with the benefit of a conventional education, Kiril excelled academically, and considered a career in economics. University was followed by a compulsory period of National Service in the Bulgarian Army, and then Accountancy training.
Billi Anna is the daughter of a Bulgarian Industrialist father and her mother trained as a Pharmacist. However, Billi-Anna always wanted to perform, and went to gymnastics school from a very early age, and competed for several years at National and International level. However, Billi was fascinated by the circus, and at two years of age told her mother this is what she wanted to do! Later, her mom gave an agreement that Billi could join a circus, but only if she became good enough to join the best Acrobatic Troupe in Bulgaria!.
Billi did become good enough, joined the Troupe at 13, and has been in the circus ever since!
When Billi and Kiril met, Kiril had an office job and Billi was touring with a circus, this produced its own problems, with long periods of separation. Eventually it was decided that Kiril would return to the circus, and Duo Jordanov was formed, working in many shows internationally.
In creating their own show, Billi`s artistic and choreography skills combined with Kiril`s technical and practical abilities have created the show you see today.
We aim to bring you new and exciting acts, so bring your family, relax, and enjoy our spectacular show!


Kiril Kirilov

Show Director

Biliana Kirilova

Show Producer and General Manager

David Zahariev

Tent Master

Russell Johnson

Administration and Circus Manager

Yotko Tsochev

Publicity Manager 

Olympia Posirca

Ring Master/Front of House

Miroslav Dimitrov

Circus Supervisor

We can present special events and tailor-made shows to meet your needs.
Examples include Corporate Hospitality, and special shows for children within school hours. These school shows can include circus skills, meeting the artists and work relating to specific Key stages; last year we worked with a school looking at weight and balance, using the skills of our acrobats to give real examples of how weight and balance works!.
We can provide artists for specific events and shows, and regularly work with Local Authorities and Hospitals.
Please contact us if you would like to discuss any of these things further.