Welcome to Big Kid Circus

Big Kid Circus is the inspiration of Kiril Kirilov and his wife Billi-Anna, who, as the respected artists Duo Jordanov, worked for many years as professional circus artists. Kiril is also an experienced Circus Manager, while Bili has a wealth of knowledge as a designer and choreographer. This combination of talent brings you an exciting and highly professional show, with laughter and thrills to bring you to the edge of your seats!
Kiril`s father, Jordanov, was a well known performer and circus manager in the USA, and helped set up the Show, while Billi`s mom is seen regularly at the show helping with the paperwork. The family tradition in the circus world now spans over 50 years on the road, including three generations of the family. Kiril and Billi`s son Deyvid, having trained with his parents, has also worked as an artist in Bulgaria, Thailand, Malaysia and Turkey. Their daughter Julia is at University, but still visits the Show regularly, and their young daughter Nicole is just embarking on life as a circus child.
We look forward to seeing you during our 2015 Tour !


Spectacular New show for 2015 !!  
This was true value for money and a good family experience we will remember for years to come.
Fantastic family entertainment with a warm, friendly atmosphere.
Even now it brings a big smile to my face. They had us roaring with laughter.
Thank you so much its moments like these that children remember forever.